Anthem Quotes

Chapter 1:
"It is a sin to write this."
"We know that we are evil."
"All men are one and that there is no will save the will of all men together."
"The plays are about toil and how good it is."
"Everything which is not permitted by law is forbidden."
"In our heart there is the first peace we have known in twenty years."

Chapter 2:
"Men are forbidden to take notice of women."
"When we think of them, we feel of a sudden that the earth is good and that it is not a burden to live."
"Women never see their children and children never know their parents."
"Fear walks through the City."
"There is no crime punished by death in this world, save this one crime of speaking the Unspeakable Word."

Chapter 3:
"The things which are not known by all do not exist."
"We came to know that we had found the greatest power on earth."

Chapter 5:
"It is evil to have concern for their own faces or bodies."

Chapter 6:
"There is no reason to have guards, for men have never defied the Councils so far as to escape from whatever place they were ordered to be."

Chapter 7:
"How dared you think that your mind held greater wisdom than the minds of your brothers?"

Chapter 8:
"We made a fire, we cooked the bird, and we ate it, and no meal had ever tasted better to us."
"We saw our own face for the first time."
"We remembered that we are the damned."

Chapter 9:
Liberty 5-3000, "We wish to be damned with you, rather than blessed with all our brothers."
"And we were frightened that we had lived for twenty-one years and had never known what joy is possible to men."
"If this is the great evil of being alone, then what is good and what is evil?"

Chapter 11:
"And the greatest of these is freedom."

Chapter 12:
"I wonder, for it is hard for me to conceive how men who knew the word 'I,' could give it up and not know what they lost."
"Through all the darkness, through all the shame of which men are capable, the spirit of man will remain alive on this earth."

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