Fences Act 1 Scene 4 Summary

     For scene four it is back to Friday, two weeks later. Cory heads off to his game with his football equipment. Troy and Bono are discussing how everyone thought Troy was going to get fired when he was called in to see the boss, but he wasn't. When Rose comes out, Troy starts singing a song he loves about a dog named Blue. Troy announces to her that they have agreed to make him a driver per his demands, which is ironic since Troy does not have a driver's license. Troy assures Bono that he's not worried because any idiot can drive. When Lyons shows up, Troy starts harassing him about how he knew he would be coming over since it's pay day once again. Instead, Lyons offers Troy back the ten dollars that he borrowed. Troy tells him to keep it for the next time he needs to borrow money, so Rose accepts it since Troy refuses to take it. Gabe stops by and tells Lyons about how Troy is mad at him, which Troy insists he's not. Rose mentions to Troy that she wants him to sign the paper from the recruiter, and Lyons is excited to hear that Cory is being recruited. Troy gets mad at the mention of football and says he learned that Cory has been lying to him and never got his job back at the A&P. When Lyons points out that Cory is just trying to be like his father, Troy tells about how his own father didn't care about him. He was stuck taking care of eleven children because his mom left when Troy was eight.

     Then Troy tells a story about when he was fourteen. There was a thirteen-year-old girl that he liked, so they decided to find a quiet spot to make out. They didn't realize that one of the mules had gotten loose, so Troy's dad came looking for it. He found Troy and the girl and began whipping them. Troy was mad and embarrassed, so he started to run. However, Troy noticed that his dad was chasing him off, so he could have the girl for himself. Troy turned back and began whipping his father. The girl ran off, and the next thing Troy remembers he woke up to find his eyes swollen shut. At that point Troy decided to leave, and he never saw his father again. Troy made it to Mobile, but he couldn't find a job, so he had to steal to survive. He met Lyons mother there, and then she had Lyons. It made it even harder to steal enough food for three people, so he decided to rob a man. Troy pulled out a knife, but the man pulled out a gun and shot Troy. Troy retaliated with his knife and killed that man, so they put him in jail for fifteen years. While in prison, he met Bono and learned how to play baseball. Lyons's mother took him away and made a life without Troy. Later Troy met Rose and promised to lead a respectable life. Lyons asks Troy if he will come here him play music at a club that evening, but Troy isn't interested, so Lyons heads home to his wife. Bono says he has to head home to his wife too.

     Cory comes home angry that his father told his coach that he can't play football anymore. He also told the recruiter not to come. Cory feels hurt that his dad took away this amazing opportunity from him, but Troy is upset that Cory lied to him about the job. Cory tells his dad that Troy is just afraid Cory will turn out better than he did, which Troy says is a mistake. He tells Cory that it's strike one, and he better not strike out.

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