Fences Act 2 Scene 1 Summary

     Act two scene one takes place the following morning with Cory practicing his swing against the ball hung from the tree in their yard. Rose tells Cory that his Uncle Gabe was arrested for disturbing the peace, so Troy had to go bail him out. Troy is talking to Bono as he returns, telling him that he paid fifty dollars, and they released Gabe. He has done this at least six times previously. As he has before, Bono mentions to Troy that he's seen him hanging around Alberta a lot, implying that something is going on between them; Troy doesn't say anything. Cory comes out and helps with the wood chopping asking why his mother wants them to build a fence anyway. Bono explains that sometimes fences aren't meant to keep people out; they're meant to keep people in. Bono says that Rose cares a lot about Cory and Troy and doesn't want to lose them. Bono says he doesn't want to see Troy mess up the good thing he's had with Rose for the past eighteen years. Bono is afraid Rose is going to get hurt when she finds out about Alberta. He advises Troy to drop it, so Troy says he'll try to figure it out. Troy tells Bono that he has heard his wife, Lucille, wants a new refrigerator, so Bono makes a deal with Troy that he will buy her a fridge when Troy finishes building Rose the fence she wants then Bono heads home.

     Rose comes out and asked Troy what Gabe did to get arrested. Troy said some children were teasing Gabe, so Gabe screamed at them and ran them off. Rose suggests that the best place for Gabe might be a mental hospital, but Troy still isn't interested in institutionalizing his brother. Then Troy announces that he has something difficult to tell Rose. He tells her that he's going to be a father. As Rose is hearing the shocking news of her husband's adultery, Gabe walks up. As usual, Gabe is concerned that Troy is mad at him since he got arrested, but Troy tells him he isn't. Rose, however, is furious, not understanding how after all this time her husband could cheat on her. Rose questions if she hasn't been a good enough wife or mother, whether she expected too much. Troy tries to explain that Alberta gives him things that Rose doesn't; he laughs with her and doesn't feel burdened by responsibilities. Rose wonders whether Troy should just move in with Alberta if he's so much happier with her. Troy explains how he felt he was born with two strikes against him, but when he met Rose, he bunted. He tricked the pitcher, and things went well for a long time. When he met Alberta, he decided to steal second. He decided to go for it because he had been standing in the same place for eighteen years. Rose points out that there are things in life that she has wanted, but instead of seeking them, she put everything she had into Troy. She points out that Troy is always talking about how he doesn't have any more to give, but all the while he's been taking too without realizing it. Rose starts to go into the house when Troy grabs her arm. She tell him that he's hurting her. Cory comes out and sees his mom in pain, so he swings at his father and hits him in the chest. Troy falls down stunned. He gets back up and heads for Cory. Rose begs him to stop, so Troy warns Cory that he has reached strike two. He needs to be careful that he doesn't get to strike three or he will be out.

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