Fences Important Characters

Troy Maxson - fifty-three year-old African American main character, works for the sanitation department as a garbage man and later a driver, talented baseball player, husband to Rose, father to Lyons, Cory, and Raynell, and brother to Gabriel. Troy fails his family members in many ways due to poor choices based on past experiences. He dies suddenly of a heart attack a few years after retirement.

Cory Maxson - teenage son of Troy and Rose, being recruited by colleges to play football. Disappointed by his dad keeping him from following his dreams, he fights Troy and later leaves home. He returns years later for his father's funeral having since joined the Marines.

Rose Maxson - Troy's wife and mother of Cory who wants Troy to build a fence to help protect her loved ones. After learning of Troy's infidelity, she agrees to help raise Raynell but distances herself from her husband and devotes herself to the church.

Gabriel Maxson - Troy's brother, a soldier in the Second World War who required a metal plate in his head due to an injury, which also caused mental damage making him believe he was the Archangel Gabriel. He started out living in the house that his compensation money helped buy then later rented a room at Miss Pearl's house before Troy put him in a mental institution. After Troy dies, he tries to open the gates of heaven with his trumpet.

Jim Bono - Troy's best friend called "Bono" who met Troy in jail and works with him on the garbage truck. He is married to a woman named Lucille and is concerned that Troy is not being faithful to his wife.

Lyons Maxson - Troy's son and skilled musician, born before Troy's time in jail with a woman Troy met while living on the streets. He comes to see Troy frequently on payday to ask for money. His wife Bonnie leaves him after he lands in jail for counterfeiting checks.

Raynell Maxson - Troy's illegitimate child, mothered by Alberta, who dies in childbirth which forces Rose to take Troy back in order to help raise her. She is the only Maxson child who hasn't been hurt by Troy.

Alberta - Troy's lover from Tallahassee and Raynell's mother who works at the local bar and dies while giving birth.

Bonnie - Lyons' wife who works in the laundry at Mercy Hospital.

Miss Pearl - lives near the Maxsons and rents Gabe a room

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